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All amd64 OKD versions are tracked here

Name Phase Started Failures Upgrades
4.4.0-0.okd-2020-05-23-055148-beta5 Accepted 6 days ago
4.4.0-0.okd-2020-04-21-163702-beta4 Accepted 5 weeks ago
4.4.0-0.okd-2020-04-16-074048-beta3 Accepted 6 weeks ago
4.4.0-0.okd-2020-04-07-175212-beta2 Accepted 7 weeks ago
4.4.0-0.okd-2020-03-28-092308-beta1 Accepted 7 weeks ago


promote to pull spec, updated when origin/4.5 changes

Name Phase Started Failures Upgrades
4.5.0-0.okd-2019-12-09-171357 Pending 5 months ago


promote to pull spec, updated when origin/4.4 changes

Name Phase Started Failures Upgrades
4.4.0-0.okd-2020-05-31-231738 Ready 6 hours ago aws
4.4.0-0.okd-2020-05-30-045926 Accepted 2 days ago
4.4.0-0.okd-2020-05-30-030729 Accepted 2 days ago
4.4.0-0.okd-2020-05-30-010209 Accepted 2 days ago
4.4.0-0.okd-2020-05-29-231435 Accepted 2 days ago
4.4.0-0.okd-2020-05-29-215759 Accepted 2 days ago
4.4.0-0.okd-2020-05-29-152630 Accepted 2 days ago
4.4.0-0.okd-2020-05-29-144030 Accepted 2 days ago
4.4.0-0.okd-2020-05-29-102155 Accepted 2 days ago
4.4.0-0.okd-2020-05-29-093054 Accepted 2 days ago
4.4.0-0.okd-2020-05-29-084954 Accepted 2 days ago
4.4.0-0.okd-2020-05-29-063923 Accepted 2 days ago
4.4.0-0.okd-2020-05-23-055148 * Accepted 8 days ago
4.4.0-0.okd-2020-04-21-163702 * Accepted 5 weeks ago
4.4.0-0.okd-2020-04-16-074048 * Accepted 6 weeks ago
4.4.0-0.okd-2020-04-07-175212 * Accepted 7 weeks ago
4.4.0-0.okd-2020-03-28-092308 * Accepted 9 weeks ago
4.4.0-0.okd-2020-01-28-022517 * Accepted 4 months ago


promote to pull spec, updated when origin/4.3 changes

Name Phase Started Failures Upgrades
4.3.0-0.okd-2020-05-31-223543 Accepted 6 hours ago
4.3.0-0.okd-2020-05-29-185900 Accepted 2 days ago
4.3.0-0.okd-2020-05-29-181239 Accepted 2 days ago
4.3.0-0.okd-2020-05-29-165100 Accepted 2 days ago
4.3.0-0.okd-2020-05-29-160830 Accepted 2 days ago
4.3.0-0.okd-2020-05-29-152900 Accepted 2 days ago
4.3.0-0.okd-2020-05-29-142000 Accepted 2 days ago
4.3.0-0.okd-2020-05-29-082153 Accepted 2 days ago
4.3.0-0.okd-2020-05-29-074626 Accepted 2 days ago

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