Release Status

Visualize upgrades in Cincinnati | dot | SVG | PNG format. Run the following command to make this your update server:

oc patch clusterversion/version --patch '{"spec":{"upstream":""}}' --type=merge


promote to pull spec, updated when origin/4.3 changes

Name Phase Started Tests Upgrades
4.3.0-0.okd-2020-02-24-233242 Accepted 6 hours ago
4.3.0-0.okd-2020-02-23-230724 Accepted 31 hours ago
4.3.0-0.okd-2020-02-22-232153 Accepted 2 days ago
4.3.0-0.okd-2020-02-21-210005 Accepted 3 days ago
4.3.0-0.okd-2020-02-21-013643 Failed 4 days ago
4.3.0-0.okd-2020-02-20-222510 Accepted 4 days ago


promote to pull spec, updated when origin/4.4 changes

Name Phase Started Tests Upgrades
Next release may not start: waiting for 17m40s
4.4.0-0.okd-2020-02-25-060248 Ready 12 minutes ago aws
4.4.0-0.okd-2020-02-25-043158 Ready 103 minutes ago aws
4.4.0-0.okd-2020-02-25-040119 Rejected 2 hours ago aws
4.4.0-0.okd-2020-02-25-003044 Accepted 5 hours ago aws
4.4.0-0.okd-2020-02-24-083101 Rejected 21 hours ago aws
4.4.0-0.okd-2020-02-24-080101 Rejected 22 hours ago aws
4.4.0-0.okd-2020-02-24-002219 Rejected 29 hours ago aws
4.4.0-0.okd-2020-02-23-201814 Rejected 33 hours ago aws
4.4.0-0.okd-2020-02-23-193956 Accepted 34 hours ago aws
4.4.0-0.okd-2020-02-21-154835 Accepted 3 days ago aws
4.4.0-0.okd-2020-02-20-235026 Accepted 4 days ago aws
4.4.0-0.okd-2020-02-18-212654 Accepted 6 days ago aws
4.4.0-0.okd-2020-01-28-022517 * Accepted 4 weeks ago aws


promote to pull spec, updated when origin/4.5 changes

Name Phase Started Tests Upgrades
4.5.0-0.okd-2019-12-09-171357 Pending 11 weeks ago


All amd64 OKD versions are tracked here

Name Phase Started Tests Upgrades
4.3.0-0.okd-2019-11-15-182656 Failed 3 months ago

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